Founded by DaChing company and Yuangee company, which are the leading aluminum and glass manufacturing companies in Taiwan, Tacheng company has inherited and developed strongly since the establishment of its headquarters in Vietnam in 2003. During 20 years of development in the aluminum and glass market, Tacheng has always focused on service quality, not only as a sales business but also as a business that brings design and provides optimal solutions for customers.

Tacheng has over 130 workers and 100 office workers, including architects, engineers, supervisors, QS... With knowledgeable and skilled human resources, we are confident of our ability to provide comprehensive solutions with many materials applied in the aluminum and glass industry.

Tacheng factory with scale:

Area: 15,000m2
Productivity: 280,000m2

Equipped with machines and product quality inspection laboratories.

To meet the strict requirements, requiring high technical standards of each different project with different geography, environment ... We always have the right solutions and techniques.

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